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  Sew Teach Me™
A Sewing Life Skill Curriculum
& Fiber Arts Programs

An Integrated Life Skill Sewing Curriculum
        by Blue Flamingo Designs, Inc.


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Welcome to Sew Teach Me™ by Blue Flamingo Designs, Inc. We have 5 separate programs that teach kids (and Moms) the life skills that are rapidly being lost. All programs are Windows© based and in PDF Format so you can print them or simply read 
                                        them from your computer.

                                          Sewing Curriculum

ew Teach Me™ - A graduated sewing curriculum where each module uses the skills learned in the previous modules.

  Sew Teach Me™ More - For Intermediate sewers that want to learn Garment Construction. Uses Pattern 
                                                          Drafting Software.

                                                                 Fiber Arts


  Novice Hand Sewing - For ages 4 to 8. Teaches hand/eye coordination and consistency in stitching.

  Knitting & Crocheting - An easy way to learn the basics. Lots of videos to demonstrate the stitches.

  Hand Embroidery - ! Includes patterns, threads & hoop. Lots of videos to demonstrate the 


  For more detailed information, please click on the topic page of your choice.

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